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Pandora Now on Sprint and AT&T Phones

December 14, 2007 Leave a comment

I just received an email saying I can get my Kalmah channel from Pandora on my AT&T phone. Holy freeholies…death metal on my iPhone all day long. Have I been blessed? No I’ve been cursed. Of course this is only available on certain phones. Once again, Apple’s total lack of app support has shafted us iPhone users again, but this is still really good news.

For anyone familiar with Pandora already, you know how awesome it is. For anyone else, Pandora is a streaming music service where you pick the genre by artist or song. Pandora then searches the music genome project to find similar artists and styles. You just sit back, listen, and rate the music. With each rating, thumbs up or thumbs down, you build your list of the music you will enjoy and discover many artists along the way. It’s a wonderfully amazing service and it just keeps getting better.

So if you have a Pandora account and one of the above AT&T or Sprint phones, check out the site for a free trial. At this time, I’m not sure of the future costs.

P.S. This would rock the iPhone with the unlimited data plan. Come on Apple!

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