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“Who is Your Daddy and What Does he Do?”

November 28, 2007 Leave a comment


The Sony Playstation 3 recently celebrated its first birthday even though the models sold a year ago are nowhere to be found. A 20GB version and a 60GB version debuted. The 20GB was discontinued shortly after the new year, and the 60GB model was replaced with the 80GB over the summer. In 2000, when Sony released the Playstation 2, DVD sales were just starting to take off. Everyone wanted a DVD player and Sony was still capitalizing on the success of the original Playstation. Kids would tell their parents about a DVD player and it could also play games on the side. My first DVD player was a Playstation 2. Fast forward a few years; we have Toshiba and co. pushing HDDVD and Sony pushing Blue-Ray.

The trouble is, other than those really wanting the latest and greatest (present company included), there isn’t a real necessity to make the switch from DVD to a new Hi-Def format. This isn’t the switch from analog to digital, many people still don’t have HD Televisions and the format war hasn’t helped matters at all. So what is the reason to buy a Playstation 3? Where’s the draw? What’s new?

Sony is one umbrella. Playstation used to have its own branch of Sony but now it’s all under one roof which is exactly what the Playstation 3 is. It’s quite possibly everything you need aside from a television and speakers to create a powerful all-in-one media center. Of course, continue to market it towards gamers as a game system but that is not the main potential of the audience. The only minor thing holding it back is the lack of video/audio inputs to use as a receiver from the TV. However, the 80GB version plays DVDs, Blue-Rays, houses music, has HDMI and optical outs for discreet audio, accepts multiple card formats and has multiple USB inputs, and let’s not forget how important wireless is today. Anyone remember what the PSX tried to be?


Well the PS3 accomplishes this task completely. Sony needs to market the PS3 to a much larger audience. The average gamer is over 18 years old and they’re the first adopters of all this new high end technology. That’s the Playstation 3 market. Sure it plays games, but that’s one thing out of the many it does very well. The Playstation 3 cannot be a success without mass diversification. Time will tell if it’s a successful game machine but I think that’s a secondary factor at this point. The games will come and when they do, people will say, “On PS3? Sweet! I already have one of those!”

The Playstation 3 is the ultimate media center at the moment. It’s not a $3000 Windows media center that doesn’t even play games. It’s a $500 media solution for everyone with an HD Television or those looking to make their TV the center of their media experience. Let’s not forget it’s also quite a good looking machine. It covers a large footprint but a gorgeous foot it is. So come on Sony, tell us what we need to know about the system. We all know it plays games, but more people need to know everything else it can do. There is where Sony will find the success of the Playstation 3.

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