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2 More Weeks?

Another Tuesday has come and gone with no MacBook Prop update, but Apple is keeping their “release a week” schedule of 2008 alive and well. We actually saw a pre-Tuesday release with 10.5.2 appearing Monday afternoon. Aperture appeared on Tuesday as well. While I have only used a demo of the program, apparently it is a professional photographer’s dream come true.

10.5.2 saw a number of new features…well hundreds of fixes and features. The most notable for me was the ability to get rid of the transparent menu bar and the new Time Machine controls which include a new icon in the menu bar. There was also a speed bump to WoW along with a polygon fix, but my Mac Pro and WoW don’t get along so well which is a whole other post but I’m not the only one. The ability to view stacks as a list was also added. I looked at it for a second and said no. My main stack is my applications stack and it was just way too circa-OS9.

All in all…I’m not as disappointed this week in releases as I have been the past few weeks. However, once 10.5.2 was released, I thought “Well what obviously has to come right after that…the MacBook Pro.” I have resigned myself to the fact it will be AT LEAST another 2 weeks for the MBP. According to TUAW a rumored Apple event is coming at the end of the month, most likely February 26th. We’re supposed to see the release of the iPhone SDK this month which may warrant its own event but it’s not meant for users. We’re not going to see anything new for a few months. The SDK is for developers as the name states, so if an entire event is really planned, there has to be more to it.

The process of elimination is in our favor. The MBP has to be updated eventually and an event at the end of the month would make sense. Apple pulled out of NAB so no announcements there. So since I refuse to believe we will get the MBP on Feb 19, what do you think we will see next Tuesday? I hope I am wrong but until the Apple store goes down outside of the US and Canada, it’s not gonna happen. Keep your fingers crossed for the 26th, and pull out your lucky rabbit’s foot for the 19th, but I’m hoping on the 26th for new MBP for now.

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  1. February 13, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Aperture is an excellent photo editing tool. While I was bummed about no new MacBook Pro I was very excited about the updated Aperture. Perhaps they’ll start shipping Time Capsule and toss a few other items on next Tuesday’s list? I saw your other post. I hope they don’t make us wait until May, gah!

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