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MacBook Pro Update Tomorrow? Next Tuesday?

Well tomorrow is another Tuesday and 2 weeks out from MacWorld. We still haven’t seen the MacBook Pro update but Macrumors.com is hypothesizing it could happen within the next two weeks. What are their speculations? Follow the link or read right here: Multi-touch trackpad, 17″ model to get LED screen which would be the last portable model to get one finally, Penryn processors which were just quietly sneaked into another company’s notebooks last week, and as I said released within the next two weeks.

So let’s say the new MBP is released tomorrow or next Tuesday with only the above new features. Will you buy one or will you wait to get the ridiculously sweet features we’ve been hoping and writing about for the past couple weeks like the new keyboard, 256MB video ram standard, 7200RPM HD’s standard, etc.? (Keep in mind there have been no rumors from the Apple camp of the video card update or the 7200 RPM HD’s. It’s primarily wishful thinking). Are our expectations set too high? I am admittedly torn because something even better could come at NAB or WWDC. So what will you do if this is all we’re really getting?

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  1. February 5, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    At the rate things are going, I would say it would be best for us all to temper back our expectations. apple seems to deliver right under that. And with no big press event, probably wont be that significant. –

    Dont get me wrong, I hope its a better graphics card…but we will see.
    Today came and gone and we have iphone 16GB with no 3G.

    So maybe it will just be a processor bump…With Monteniva coming out in March, this may just be true. 🙂



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