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Worst…MacWorld Keynote…Ever…

I’m sure and I hope I’m not the only person using that title. But I just spent 2 hours monitoring the updates for MacWorld 08 keynote. We can look at this two ways, Apple let us down or we, the readers and users, built our hopes up too high. I’m inclined to fault Apple here not for creating hype but more because we were due in for certain things this time around: 10.5.2 update and hardware refreshes across the entire notebook line along with the Mac Mini.

A huge problem with Apple is they rarely if ever do price drops until a hardware refresh comes along. We have heard nothing about MacBook Pros or even the MacBook since last August. It has been just as long if not longer for the Mac Mini as well which has pretty much disappeared from my nearby Apple store. Today’s discussion focused on 4 things: iPhone/iTouch, Apple TV, Time Capsule, and the MacBook Air. If you don’t know what the deal on each of these is, I’m sure you can find articles all over the place about them. But I will touch on the Apple TV.

If Apple thinks the only problems with the TV were that you had to sync it with a computer and it didn’t have movie rentals, they are flat out wrong. That thing is still junk that no one cares about. I still hold the Mac Mini as the true Apple TV. That’s the route they should have gone with a $200 price drop, or keep it the same price with extra specs like a Blue-Ray/DVD player.

Upon browsing and contributing to comment sections on other sites, it seems a LOT of people were ready to throw down today for the new MacBook Pro including this guy. The new trackpad for the MacBook Air is awesome and would have worked perfectly and easily with any other notebooks but it wasn’t mentioned. Many people have speculated this might be the year Apple’s fans turn on the company they love and adore. It looks like the investors are leading the way with a current drop of 12% at the time of writing.

I really hope Steve Jobs is hiding in a corner somewhere. Apple doesn’t have to but personally, I feel they need to make some changes in the next couple weeks to their notebook line and Mac Mini. This was just awful. Way to drop the ball Apple, 5 months with no announcements and this is the best they can do.

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  1. January 17, 2008 at 1:17 am

    I totally agree with you. Instead of leaving all of us wondering about when updates would be coming to the MBP/Mac Mini/etc. he should’ve said something. I know if Jobs did, there’d be a sudden drop in sales until the updates were released…but he could’ve at least said something like, “and the iPhone-like touchpad will be coming to the MBP soon.”

    Anyways, thanks for your comment on my blog! I’ll be adding yours to my list of RSS feeds.

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