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5 Things to Make Me Send My iPhone Back to Jail

I am currently running version 1.1.1 on my iPhone and it is jailbroken. Oddly enough I didn’t do it for the slew of applications even though I added a number of them. There were certain things I wanted my iPhone to do that Apple wasn’t quite willing to give me. However, if Apple were to include 5 things in an update, I would happily seal off my iPhone again. This comes in light of the recent news that you can again add custom ringtones to the iPhone using Garage Band but you must be using firmware 1.1.2
1. Include MMS messaging. Why the hell can’t I send or receive pictures on my iPhone? My old Sony Ericsson even allowed me to do that and AT&T supports it through data plans.
2. Make horizontal orientation available for all iPhone programs especially for email and texting. they QWERTY keyboard works so much better when it horizontal view and with texting and mail using the keyboard the most often, it would save me tons of time.
3. Give me the ability to change the layout of my icons. The iPhone serves a different purpose for everyone. For me it is a phone first so I want most of my phone controls in the bottom bar. Others may want all their iPod features at the bottom. This also includes the ability to hide icons that I will never use such as the iTunes music store. Screw that thing and so help me god if a Starbucks icon ever pops up on that phone.
4. iChat for the iPhone. I’m gonna assume this was a decision by AT&T to disallow iChat on the iPhone but AIM comes with just about every other AT&T phone as it is, right? Sure people can use that instead of texting, but each program is for reaching different people at different times. Trying to find someone online when you need them is a gamble. It’s more of a way to pass time than anything else whereas a text is when you can talk to anyone at any given time when it’s convenient for them or you. Apollo IM also isn’t the most stable client in the world and if Apple released an iPhone flavor of iChat, then I think we’d be better off.
5. Stop automatically taking me to pages formatted for the iPhone. Sometimes it is nice like with Digg but most of the time I want the full functionality of the site. I have a full blown browser in my hand, I want to use it.

Some other features would be nice too like in SMS, I wish it would take me to the SMS home screen instead of the last previous conversation. I can’t tell you how many times I have been talking to someone thinking it was someone completely different. A digital zoom for the camera would be nice too. The volume button would work perfectly. A hardware update that I would like to see is the ability to go backwards when listening to the iPod using the provided headphones. I sometimes like to hear a song more than once. Maybe all of this will come along eventually. It will be interesting to see what programs Apple allows 3rd parties to create come next year after the SDK is released.

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