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Where Have all the Mac Mini’s Gone?

As any other Mac fan, it’s always a candy store trip when I walk into an Apple store, a very expensive candy store. Walk in and you’re greeted by massive iPod displays (iPod Minis in my store), pedestals of laptops and other iPods, random over priced digital cameras, Apple accessories and hard drives. I also can’t help but smile when I see the area of aluminum iMacs for children. Look out Fisher Price. If I was an 8 year old kid, I would be asking my parents for one all the time.

On another trip last night to our nearby store, a friend and I saw a random Mac Pro sitting on the floor. There was nothing attached to it except for one cable which was actually running the video for the iPod Mini display to which my friend replied, "Couldn’t use a Mac Mini for that?" I then looked around and realized something I had noticed before…there were no Mac Minis, anywhere! What’s going on? Come to think of it, there were no Apple TV’s either. Are we on the verge of a merger?

Many people used the Man Mini as an uber Apple TV such as Ara Derderian from the HDTV Guys. Other than a couple HD upgrades, the Apple TV has remained unchanged and talked about even less. Who has heard anything about the Mac Mini in recent months aside from a small processor bump. The most recent talk has been the rumors of the Mac Mini being canceled and maybe adding an optical drive to the Apple TV or even a Blue-Ray player. There is also talk of the Mac Mini going the sans-optical drive path becoming mostly a portable hard drive.

A number of times Apple has introduced and then canceled a third product line such as the G4 Cube. The Mac Mini was the entry level computer for anyone looking for a simple desktop computer. I can’t imagine Apple would actually cancel it to only go for a 2 computer route with the iMac and the Mac Pro. Apple needs a third hardware line and the Mac Mini was perfect in its place. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and let me know if you or anyone else has tried to purchase one in-store as of late.

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