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iTunes 7.5 Next Week?

AppleInsider is reporting both Windows and OS X will see simultaneous releases of iTunes 7.5 in hopes of correcting a number of bugs such as freezing when upgrading iTunes store songs to DRM free versions. We’re also supposed to see better management of duplicate songs and videos along with better stability.

There is no mention of other possible upgrades we might see to device support. I’m a little leery about the upgrade coming soon after the new iPhone Jailbreak. I won’t be upgrading to iTunes 7.5 anytime soon and I urge you to hold off as well even people without iPhones. Wait for the reviews to trickle out and I will try to keep you posted as to what I hear and decide to do in the near future. For now, keep whatever version you have unless you’re having issues to the point of using RealPlayer (do they still make that?)

So just wait a few days, listen to some music, hang out and be cool. Everything will be sorted out for you. If you want song duplication management, I recommend Dupin which is an AppleScript that works in conjunction with iTunes to find duplicate songs. Dupin is shareware, but the only feature lacking is the inability to see more than 20 results at a time. For Windows there is DoubleKiller. I’ve never used it but it looks like it works with more than iTunes so have at it.

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