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iPhoto’s Phatal Phlaw

I recently upgraded from iPhoto ’06 to iPhoto ’08. While I have had my gripes with iPhoto in the past including poor file management or the crazy duplication of photos. Whenever you made an edit to a photo, iPhoto would save one copy of the picture in an “originals” folder and then put another copy in a modified “folder” therefore doubling the size of your photo library…unnecessary! Why not just save the metadata changes instead of a whole other picture? I wish I could tell you iPhoto ’08 remedied these problems, but I honestly can’t tell you if it has or not because of its new flaw.


What you are looking at now is the events screen, new to iPhoto ’08, mildly obscured by the “Welcome” screen (can’t have you seeing ALL my stuff). In my opinion, the best feature of the update. Each icon is an event, or roll of photographs if you will. All you have to do to quickly browse photos is just drag your mouse from side to side over a thumbnail, and it will sequentially show all the pictures in that event as you slide across. Easy and quick.

However, let’s say I want to take some pictures from an event or roll and upload them to Facebook through my browser. Previously, when browsing photos in your OS X finder you were able to access the iPhoto folder, see the redundant originals and modified folder and select the folder you want and upload away. With iPhoto ’08, when you access the iPhoto folder you are presented with:


the iPhoto Library (in Coverflow (an amazing Leopard addition by the way)). Notice how it’s not like the other browseable folders on the left and right. So what happens when you try to browse the folder?


That’s right, it opens iPhoto making it impossible to just browse your photos to upload to a site or to upload a single photo for an event like a Facebook event which is what I was trying to do. You have to export photos individually through the File>Export function or add a plugin like the one brought to you be Facebook developers or a flickr plugin, though this still doesn’t allow you to browse your photo library from a web browser.

Is Apple trying to hold my photos hostage? Or is Apple trying to make iPhoto so easy that it’s complicated? Perhaps they’re trying to prevent people like me from accidentally deleting a photo from the iPhoto Library folder and then wonder why it’s missing in my library when I have iPhoto open. I think that’s what Time Machine is for, right? Here’s hoping Apple will remedy this or someone will develop a plugin to allow you to browse your photos in the finder or in preview. This is also a heads up for anyone looking to upgrade. I feel all the new features are worth it, but this one really take a small piece of my soul away from me.

UPDATE: So I’m allowed to miss something sometimes. According to the comment below, I should be able to circumvent this complaint. When I get home I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip. However, I don’t think this will resolve the issue of trying to search the album in a browser finder.

UPDATE 2: It turns out that you can in fact through the finder look at your photos in OS X if you have iPhoto ’08, but you are still unable to do this through a web browser finder like trying to upload photos to a site through that site’s finder. Well I guess that takes care of one problem.

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  1. Mr. Lucky
    November 2, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    Well, right click on iPhoto Library and select Show Package Content. So you can browse your pics on Finder.

  2. November 6, 2007 at 4:47 am

    I figured out a way around this. If you first use the tip above to view the Package Contents, then create an alias to the “originals” folder within, you can then use that alias to browse through your photos when trying to upload with a browser.

  3. Al
    December 28, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    I just tried uploading some pics to facebook and the java applet that runs when you upload pictures shows the iphoto library as a browse-able folder on my system (Leopard).

    Also, in any applications that call up a dialog box to browse for a file to open, you can click on the media button in the lower left of the box to see all of your photos in iphoto.

    Hope this helps…

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