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Jail Buhroken! What a Beautiful Clutter

By now, you must have hear iPhone firmware 1.1.1 has officially been jailbroken, by AppSnapp. It can now be done with a single, and incredibly easy install without all the backdoor methods we have seen over the previous weeks. The second jailbreak by the iPhone goes on to prove that it’s more than an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communications device. It’s also a handheld game device, a movie player, an instant messenger and by god something you can use your own ringtones on.

In the free market, ingenuity is driven by competition. When the iPhone came "locked" to 3rd party developers the original break-in was found and people were free to intensify their own user experience. With firmware 1.1.1, those who were sucker enough to "upgrade" found themselves temporarily in the dark until a new solution was created. Feeling the pressure, Apple caved and announced an SDK for the iPhone due out in February with the first applications not due for another couple months and primarily adopted through the iTunes store. "Why wait?" thought the hackers and the new installer.app was released. Apple bred its own competition or what I so lovingly call its actual user base. Those that saw the immediate promise of the iPhone and all the power and glory held within.


So what makes the iPhone so perfect for this development aside from 4-8GB of storage. It’s the nihilism of the device: one button.  The hardware is set for years, all functionality changes from within. Developers can make the screen do and show whatever they want to. Why should users be relegated to the icons given by Apple and a standard order to them? My device is primarily used as a phone so why shouldn’t all phone functions be at the bottom dock? Why shouldn’t all the iPod functions be made readily available from the home screen for those who primarily use it as a music device ? Why do we always have to return to the home screen just to get to another app?


Who knows what will happen when the iPhone SDK is released and programs begin to role out through iTunes? Through Apple’s own doing, it is facing its toughest competition through its own partners, the developers. Apple will be the first to admit, its greatest resource is the developers who also make a great percentage of its users. Telecommunications researches are all seeking the unified theory of communications, the Holy Grail that just explains everything. Shouldn’t we seek the same in our devices? If the capability is there, should we not use it?

It’s now Apple’s turn. The developers answered the call for competition and now Apple needs to see what it can do to satisfy users. It’s time for Apple to unleash the greatest multimedia device applications ever. Locking the users out is not the answer.

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  1. classylass
    October 30, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    Almost makes me wish my phone would have a terrible accident so I can buy one… Great entry!

  1. November 4, 2007 at 2:44 pm

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