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Success and Stuff to Know about Leopard

Sorry for the delay and lack of pictures. I still haven’t found the right program to update blogs from a mac while retaining my current blog, but I’m working on it. I had intended to write as I was updating. For some reason my Powerbook wouldn’t connect to my wireless router. By the time I gave up and hardwired it, Leopard was finished installing. The whole process from DVD insert to Leopard running to 45 minutes, probably take a few. It was insanely easy. I selected my language, Erase & Install, what to install bringing the size from 9GB to around 5GB and off it went. While I fumbled with my notebook, Leopard just sped away. Once the install was complete, I answered a few simple questions and I was taken to the desktop.

Presently, I have everything back on the computer I had before, but I still haven’t tried out all the features like Time Machine and Spaces. So what do I think so far? As I guessed, I’m not a huge fan of the menubar. I can still see the background through it even though Firefox is occupying the rest of the screen (this will all look make a lot more sense once I have some photos up). The Finder added a lot of stuff and even took some stuff away. Music, movies, and photos are no longer standard Finder sidebar items. I don’t get it. However, when importing from iTunes, the iTunes finder shows music and movies. There must be some work around and I don’t remember reading anything about this change even though other posted photos show these missing as well. I’ll be sure to add more on this later.

I had a chance to play with stacks a little bit and I even added a stack for applications. If you do this as well, you HAVE to keep something in mind. When the apps folder is dragged to the stacks area of the desktop, it copies the icons’ image as they are. If you add an application to the Macintosh HD, the stack will update but the icon for the app in stacks will not. You will have to delete the stack and then add it again. I smell an Apple fix on this one some time. I was freaking out a little bit, but I got it to work correctly. So far I have had one program NOT work with Leopard and that is the Gas Widget. It appears in dashboard but it is not working. It’s just saying 000 9/10. At least 9/10 is guaranteed to never change.

Coverflow and Quickview work perfectly. I can tell that I will be using these a lot. Coverflow does tend to move rather quickly with the side-scrool function on my mouse so I have to do it carefully, use the arrow, or turn down my scrolling speed. It’s amazing to see an application exactly as it is without having to open it. I even found some files I made in college that make absolutely no sense because Coverflow and Quicklook offered me a preview ahead of time. I can’t wait to see what else came across. I was able to reinstall iLife from my restore discs that came with my Mac Pro. I actually only installed iPhoto since it’s all I really use. I’m a Final Cut guy for movies. Stay tuned for more as I work with Leopard and discover new apps. I will be sure to add pictures as soon as I can.

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