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Out For Delivery

I am patiently awaiting my copy of Leopard to arrive and I’ve had to do a lot of soul-searching over the past 24 hours. As you have remember, I created a post about the sales of Leopard at my local university. Students will have to pay $83 for the software. I received an email later in the day saying Faculty and Staff (me) will be able to purchase Leopard for $20. That’s right…$100 less than I paid for it. I was then left with the decision to keep my copy and install it this weekend or send it back and wait to snag it for $20. I was pretty set on sending it back.

It was until this morning that I decided to go ahead and keep the copy I ordered from Apple and should be arriving around noon, if FedEx delivery status can be trusted. What solidified this decision was my commitment to this blog and to anyone who may regularly check back for information. I promised you I would give you a review as soon as I could along with other related articles and I intent to do just that…assuming everything goes smoothly. I’m sure my friends are going to call me stupid but I want to be taken seriously as a blogger and I don’t want to lose my credibility. So stay tuned for the next few days. I will to have my PowerBook next to me during the process so I may keep you updated up the minute during my installation on my Mac Pro.

I often find installations of any kind stressful no matter how easy they go so it might make for some good color on the blog.

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