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It has Sharp Claws!

Well not so far at least. Leopard arrived around noon today. Unfortunately for my co-worker, he was “not available” to sign for his package. Turns out they tried to deliver it to his billing address instead of his shipping address. Leopard arrived in a nice, sleek package with a pretty neat hologram on the cover along with some of the major additional features on the back. Apple has adopted a minimalist approach to packaging over the past year due to pressure from a number of outside sources.

I should begin the install process around 7:30 or so tonight and it could take a couple hours to get everything installed and running perfectly again. So there has to be a few things I’m not excited about, right? I can’t be a total slave to the machine. In Windows, I hide the taskbar; in OS X I hide the dock, but I would really love to hide the menu bar as well. For Leopard, Apple has made the menu bar translucent. If they’re going to make it see-thru, why not make it come with the preference to hide it. I rarely ever use the menu bar anyway. I know most of the keyboard shortcuts for preferences and hiding. There are 3rd party applications that will hide it, but cost $5. Mmmmm that’s ok.

I also don’t like the look of the new icons in the finder. There’s kind bland and two dimensional. I wish I had a screen shot for you but I don’t at the moment. I’ll post one soon. One of the first things I will do is hit up InterfaceLIFT once I have everything else installed. Changing icons in OS X is the easiest thing ever and I will show you how to do that once I get things up and running.

I have a feeling there will be a number of things added in 10.5.X updates such as the ability to change the style preferences on the menu bar and the ability to sync notes from Mail to the iPhone. Apple did eventually give us the ability to use QuickTime in full screen mode without paying for a professional version, so they will on occasion listen to their consumers. Tiger also didn’t sync well via Bluetooth to the iPhone in my experience so I’m hoping the Bluetooth will be revamped enough in Leopard to be more user-friendly. Apple was the first company to adopt Bluetooth after all.

I know this isn’t every exciting now but stayed tuned as the day goes on.

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