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Windows Releases vs Mac OS X Releases

I was perusing Apple news on a PC website. I can’t remember which one but it was a PC site writing an article about Leopard being released on October 26th. The article was the same as you’d expect from anyone making an OS announcement but what really got me was a lot of the comments slamming the OS X release. This will be the 6th installment of the OS X line, but many Windows users are seeing it more a service pack release than as a whole new operating system, where as 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, and Vista are all separate releases, so what qualifies as a new OS or a simple update?

In reality there really is no difference between a new Windows OS release and an OS X release. Each new release for both is an addition of applications or app tweaks, new visual enhancements and what the developers hope to be easier to use and serve the growing technology and hopefully influence future technology. The only time an entirely new OS available is where there is a total paradigm shift in how the operating system behaves like an entirely new experience.

With Apple, I can only go as far back as the switch from OS9 to OSX. Completely different operating system, with a whole new way of interacting with the OS, new design, an overall incompatibility with sporadic exceptions with the previous system. Microsoft too has done relatively the same thing: DOS to 3.1 to 95. Not a whole lot has changed since Windows 95 with the introduction of the task bar and easier access to your computer through the desktop and program files menu. Windows has changed, for better or worse (I’m looking at you Windows ME), visually and stability-wise since 95 but the core idea has remained the same. That goes for OS X as well with additions such as Expose, Widgets, Automator, Spotlight, Time Machine, Spaces, etc. But the paradigm hasn’t shifted since the release of the original OS X.

Both OS’s are offering the same type of “improvements” with each operating system. It’s just a matter of whether you like them or not and which OS you prefer. So if you think OS X Cat+1 with each round is merely a small upgrade, then you must accept Windows 95 and on is in only an upgrade, or you can think each new one is a new OS. It doesn’t really matter. I’m inclined to stick with the paradigm shift idea and that we’re merely seeing upgrades to both operating systems.

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  1. October 24, 2007 at 5:29 am

    I am not impressed with this update as well. . . maybe if multitouch has been incorporated next year, we would change our hearts?

    But having to upgrade every 12-18 months just isn’t exciting any more. this means out mac will soon be obselete and excluded from the compatible list …

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