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It’s a Deep Cave

After much debate and article reading about where the best places to buy Leopard from, I decided to order it from the Apple store…I caved. Apple is notorious and great for offering their software and hardware (although iPods aren’t included anymore) at a discounted rate for education. It’s pretty relative to the hardware you buy. I think you get about $200 off most professional products and $100 off consumer hardware. Software also has discounts between $10 and $20.

A standard price of Leopard is $129 on the Apple store with an education discount of $116, yay 13 bucks. For Tiger, Apple offered and educational discount of $69. That’s pretty impressive but it gets betters. I bought Tiger from my institution for $10…that’s right 10 smackaroos. After a phone call with out license department for the institution I work for (the same one I went to college…twice) they couldn’t give me heads or tails about a release or distribution. Some university bookstores are posting an educational price of $69 on their sites.

Some places such as Amazon and MacMall are offering Leopard for $109. Once you factor in tax and shipping if you want it quicker, you may be paying more than Apple’s regular price. Apple also has a very vague “ship by” date of: “Delivery ON October 26th.” This has left many people to ponder if Apple is making sure all pre-orders arrive on release day or Apple won’t even be shipping until then. This is further confused by the fact that if you buy an Apple computer before 6pm on Friday, a copy of Leopard will be included but you still cannot buy it separately until 6pm. This is seriously a haunted house…trapped in an Apple without windows or doors.

The only people guaranteed to get their copy on Friday (as of press time) are the people that arrive at an Apple retail store on Friday. Expect long lines, but I wouldn’t expect them to sell out. Previously, OS releases were huge events with people walking away with iPods and free software. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this time. I wanna know what’s going to happen to all their copies of Tiger that I saw on the shelves last weekend. Due to Leopard’s system requirements anyone with a G3 computer and anyone with a G4 with less than 867MHz will be left in the dark. Some people are still running Panther and could really use the upgrade to Tiger at a really cheap rate. Apple still releases software updates for Panther, now that’s commitment.

So how are you going to acquire your copy of Leopard? If mine arrives on Friday, I hope my girlfriend will forgive me for my Quasimodo reclusion into the bell tower that is my computer desk.

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