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Upgrade or Fresh Install?

FRESH INSTALL!! With Leopard due out this Friday, a lot people are asking “Should I just upgrade or do a fresh install?” And no help to us all is the debate amongst bloggers and podcasters. Well, here I am to throw my opinion into the equation. (My answers goes for Windows users as well). I highly recommend and practice the art of doing a fresh install complete with hard drive reformat. Why? Well for a number of reasons.

When doing an upgrade, you have to make sure you computer is in perfect working order to be able to accept the update without it being clouded with all the crap that finds its way onto the hard drive. Over time, your hard drive will become fragmented and you will accumulate bloatware (especially you Windows users) over time through program additions. This is especially problematic for anyone that downloads torrents. Sure you will probably lose your visual settings and other preferences (unless you save the preference file) but those are extremely easy to revert to, and who knows, in the process you may find a different look you like more. Also, in my opinion it is MUCH easier to just save the files you want on an external drive of some sort and then just erase everything. For both Windows and Mac users, please make sure to save a copy of your documents folder. Most likely all of your most precious stuff is in that folder. Back up your music too. Even though you paid for it, Apple is very unlikely to give you another download of the music you bought from the iTunes store unless you have a pretty damn good reason, negligence not being one of then.

It is recommended with an upgrade to disable and additions you may have added to programs such as Firefox in case they don’t work right away with the new OS. Screw ’em, and install them one at a time once you put Firefox back on. Everything works so much better once you’re at square one again for both Apple OS and Windows. In the end, your computer will thank you and serve you better if you reformat and do a fresh install of the OS.

With the new OS X, I was wondering if I would lose iLife that shipped with my computer. Apple doesn’t send you an install disc but only the restore DVD’s that have iLife on them. This can be done in 2 ways. One is do a fresh install of Tiger through the restore DVD’s and before anything is touched or changed by the user, do a fresh upgrade of Leopard. Even though this sounds like it goes against my teaching, it’s safe and works the same way. Everything will be in order. The other route is to begin with a fresh install of Leopard and then pull the iLife files from the restore discs. I’ve done this one before when I went from Panther to Tiger and it works just with a little digging around. For this install, I will be doing a fresh install of Leopard and then rooting around in my restore discs for iLife. I might even say “screw it” and buy iLife ’08.

I’m eager to hear how everyone else’s installs of OS X go and anyone that might be going from XP to Vista or from Vista back to XP which seems to be happening quite often. I would also love to hear from people who upgraded to the latest Ubuntu Gutsy Ribbon from Feisty Fawn. Oh to be a computer lover, these are fun times.

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  1. October 23, 2007 at 4:32 am

    “Oh to be a computer lover, these are fun times.”

    Fun times indeed!

  1. October 24, 2007 at 1:47 am

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