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EA Going Communist…Where’s McCarthy When You Need Him?

The BBC reported today a senior executive from Electronic Arts, Gerhard Florin, said game systems should “make way for a single open platform.” I suppose this is Europe where Socialism is the new black. Even game analysts, according to the article, are not only suggesting but predicting this route. If the game companies were to unite under a single console or set-top box, I bet you could guess who would like to snatch them up. I’ll make you hold your breath a little longer. With a plan like this, the gaming industry would be in a world of hurt.

Let’s talk about basic economics. Competition is good. Competition breeds creativity. Imagine how shitty a world we’d live in with a single computer operating system. Linux users wouldn’t be welcoming the newest release of Ubuntu Gutsy Ribbon. We also wouldn’t be so entertained by Apple and Microsoft trying to outdo each other all the time. We get better products because Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo compete. Remember the days of Sega versus Nintendo?

One console would also create so many barriers to entry for new software companies through a lack of audience and hardware diversification. This would especially become difficult because EA would snatch up the single system as soon as it was released. EA would only need to buy out one company instead of three for exclusive licensing deals on the one console. It would be far too expensive for them to take over three. EA creates great games, but the last thing we need is them snatching up their own competition.

It is suggested the game industry is facing a lot of competition from PC’s and even, yes, Apple. What? Granted both can and do make great gaming platforms but they are not dedicated gaming systems no matter how much you tweak them out. Games will still crash more often than a dedicated console. They also become outdated a lot quicker. Game systems are becoming media centers for living rooms. You want to make the gaming industry better, stop making them game systems into media centers. I don’t need another DVD player in my living room; I have 5 or 6 between my computers, game systems, HD-DVD player and upconverting DVD player.

Give us a break EA. Shut your trap and just keep on making games.

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