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Today Apple announced the release of the new Mac OS X, 10.5. This morning began with the Apple store being down around 8 this morning followed by the announcement/countdown found on the Apple website. A collective “woo hoo” covered the Internet. So what now? To upgrade or not to upgrade. I personally recommend doing a complete install of the operating system. Upgrades leave evidence behind. Should we wait for 10.5.1 or just go all out?

When Tiger arrived on the scene back in 2005, I upgraded immediately and never looked back. Only after a completely fresh install again this past summer on my Powerbook did the bugs really show themselves and mostly with widgets. I recommend just going for it. If you have a new mac that came with iLife, you should probably first do a clean install of Tiger with your recovery disks to still have iLife and then upgrade from there to Leopard without doing any of the other upgrades or installing any of your personal software first.

If you’re a member of an academic institution of any sort as a student, staff, or faculty, I recommend going with the education discount from the Apple education online store. My particular university will be selling the software at an even greater discount which has yet to be announced. If your university has the same program, I’m eager to hear what they are selling it for.

The announcement of Leopard raises as many question as it answers. A number of people were expecting a press event prior to the release of Leopard for some hardware refreshes. The Mac Mini was expected to be discontinued and replaced with a Mac Nano of sorts. When is this announcement supposed to be made now? There is still time before next Friday but without an even of some sort, don’t expect to see it any time soon. We’re also supposed to see smaller versions of the MacBook and a refresh of AppleTV, which Apple seems to have forgotten all about.

There is a lot that remains to be seen. For now, we shall all have to remain content with Leopard, which will be quite satisfactory for now.

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