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iPhone Bug Thing…Maybe…iPod

I have yet to read anything else about this and I am definitely hoping it’s not just my iPhone or that it’s a twisted feature apple put into place to serve a purpose of god knows what. Follow these steps if you have an iPhone:

1. Plug your headphones into your iPhone

2. Go to your iPod in the iPhone and pick a track to listen to through the on-screen controls and pause the track.

3. Put the iPhone in your pocket and try to unpause the track by clicking once on the headphone trigger.

What happens for me is, by clicking on the trigger my playlist resets to the beginning. My list is set to random shuffle by the way, but one would think that by clicking the button, the track I selected from the iPhone touch screen should automatically begin playing instead of resetting the list. Let me know what you come up with.

This is perhaps a good time to talk a little about the iPhone. What we have all been following the most, is the unlocking of the 1.1.1 firmware. I like some of you feel prey to the upgrade. I still don’t know why I actually did it. I have a wireless iTunes store now that I will never use. You can’t even download podcasts from it. Are you looking forward to the crack or are you going to keep your iPhone pure? It should be every iPhone users’ right to add third party applications to the iPhone for a number of reasons.

One is we paid a shitload of money for this device; we own it and we pay another large amount of money to AT&T each month for their services. We don’t rent the device from AT&T or from Apple. It should be ours to do what we want with it. When the contract expires, we still have the phone. We don’t return it like a Time Warner cable box. AT&T is probably afraid we’ll install 3rd parts apps that will make calling free. Either way, they’re making their 70-100 a month anyways so why should they care? Apple was always thought to support 3rd party applications. Have you seen how many open source apps there are for OS X? Good lord!

The iPhone needs 3rd part applications. I never had the chance to play with any 3rd party applications on my iPhone simply because I wasn’t hip to the idea yet. I would have jumped all over the IM client because my last flip-phone had it and it worked pretty well. I am a firm believer that if you own something, it is your basic right as a consumer to do whatever you want to it. Like I said, it would be much different if you rented the iPhone, but you don’t.

What applications did/do you have on your iPhone and what ones would you like to have on your device?

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